Whether you have a website for your business or don’t have one, a business is definitely linked to a website. Image not having one and being asked for it. It is as common as being asked your name. So being honest, if someone tells you that they have a business but not a website that you can look at, then trust us, ‘You’ would not consider their business good enough.

Forget about the perception that you can have, a website is almost a resource to the business in times today. A friend once asked why a business website so you need to say, ‘It’s the face mate!’ So, here is why we are in the favour of business websites.

You are present

In this big dot com world, the company or the business website is basically an attendance sort of feature that tells everybody that you are present. It shows that the business is trendy and concurrent with the modern times. Any business not having a website seems to be out of order or may be not trusted enough. Now this is where a business website changes your fate. It shows that you are there!

Why should I have a website, if I do not have online business?

Well! Ask yourself a question! How do you communicate with a customer who is looking for your store online? Say for example, a customer is checking the surrounding neighborhood for salons, grocery, clothes, gym, or anything, maybe just a game parlour. If you do not have a website, then you are not there. So, he may actually walk a block ahead and not come to your store! Get it?

It is so expensive! …

Trust us when We say NO! It is not expensive at all. Yes, it can be expensive because if you are a company like Nike or Coca Cola, then you have a lot to put on the website. But for a regular business, on a regular day, it’s not expensive at all. In fact, if you login online, then there are so many companies even offering templates that YOU can use to make YOUR own website, without the hassle of even asking someone else to do it for you.

It does not make my wallet heavier!

See that’s what you think is right. Studies show that businesses with websites have more chances of growth, since there are many opportunities that are created that way. So, when  people are looking at your business website, then know that other businesses are looking at it too. So, a customer checks the website to see the products and other companies check the website because they are interested in doing business with you.

If my website is not good, it makes my business look bad!

Ah! yes that is true! If you are not taking care of the website and it is in a bad shape, it does make your business look bad too. So, if the website is old, in bad colours, bad content and bad setting, then of course, leave the customers, then anyone would think that the business is not good. This is why it can be argued that a website helps in creating a brand. So, basically, when you make a website, you create a face for the business and it is this online presence that contributes to the branding.

Do I really need it?

To answer this, ask yourself, what is your business for? So, when you say, that the business is for making money, then a website is very important because, it is helping you make than money and then also ‘make More money’.

If you say that your business is for the common good and money is not important, then again, the website is needed to show the people the work that you are doing. The website is the platform where you can put text, pictures and videos to brag about yourself, and the best part is ……when you brag on a website, it looks decent.

If you think that it is tedious because it has to be maintained, then you need to know more! It’s worth all the effort because it is really putting you in a good light.

So instead of thinking why a website is needed to make your business successful, Get an Action! Browse websites and check out the type of a website you should have.

If you have one, then keep making it better with us!

Get in touch with us, if you don’t have one!